Whether you are looking to scale up your existing data platforms within your enterprise or want to extract new value from your customer and sales data, Launchpad.ai can help you quickly identify opportunities for AI projects that deliver on the KPIs that are important to your business.

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Price Optimization Model
For E-Commerce Businesses

This research explores how an easy to use tool for searching optimal price points for desired products along with an increase in the overall margin for the forthcoming campaigns or season’s sales events.  Keep Reading

Data-Driven Decisions with Baysean Inference

There is a huge amount of pressure in virtually every industry to make data-driven decisions. In the era of powerful machine learning algorithms, this is more than a good idea; this is survival.But how do we apply “predictive analytics” to make decisions? So what if we can predict customer churn or the likelihood of conversion? Does a good prediction really bring value to your organization?
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Whole Body GANs for Full Body Model Rendering in
Fashion and Design

A generative adversarial network (GAN) is a machine learning (ML) model in which two neural networks compete with each other to become more accurate in their predictions. The two neural networks that make up a GAN are referred to as the generator and the discriminator.
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Topic Expert Conversational AI vs. Generalized Conversational Chatbots

Conversational bots allow automating human tasks in many domains, including entertainment, healthcare, fashion, etc. With the adoption of chatbots, organizations have reported higher customer satisfaction rates, reduced costs, and higher profits margins.
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Adversarial Image Detection and Defense

As media-processing software continues to advance, fake images, audio, and video will become more and more believable, such as the famous edited video of Obama giving a fake speech. Recent technological innovations have led to a new form of fake media - the “adversarial example”. The main difference between an adversarial example and previous forgery methods is that the adversarial example is designed to fool a computer instead of a human. Keep Reading

Testing the OpenAI CLIP Model for Food Type Recognition with Custom Data

In an effort to better understand recent advancements in computer vision, we use custom datasets to investigate three machine learning model architectures to compare their ability to learn and identify complex visual concepts.
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Understanding Evolved Policy Gradients

Here at launchpad.ai and at our fellowship program, we hold biweekly reading groups where we focus on recent research in machine learning.In April, OpenAI published a blog post about a new deep reinforcement learning (RL) algorithm called Evolved Policy Gradients (EPG). This paper was the subject of our most recent reading group.
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Launchpad.AI is a global consultancy that provides resources, expertise, training, and practical experience in data science and developing and deploying artificial intelligence solutions and technologies.   

We utilize state-of-the-art techniques in machine learning and deep learning to deliver transformative results for clients. We have experience working with all forms of AI including computer vision, natural language processing, and time series analysis.


Launchpad is generally focused on scaled enterprises with sufficient data and resources to train and deploy AI capabilities. In addition, we provide high-value, easy-to-use, customizable models in areas such as price optimization and audience selection for companies using Shopify to run their businesses.

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We have experience working with all forms of AI including computer vision, natural language processing and time series analysis.  We evaluate your needs and utilize the most efficient and effective methodologies to achieve valuable results including machine learning and deep learning.  


We focus on enterprise value creation through the development of strategic models, creation of scalable end-to-end AI-driven solutions, and augmenting client’s workforces with skilled data scientists to accelerate project velocity and productivity. We work with your data, your platform tools, and in your cloud environment, avoiding the need to purchase new software or engage with specific cloud services.


While we have worked in a variety of different fields, from telecommunications to healthcare, we have focused on delivering AI solutions for brand marketers who use marketing automation, pricing, and customer segmentation tools.

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