The world of AI and data science moves quickly. We understand that it can be a challenge to know where to start or how to achieve speedy, valuable results. Our world-class team takes a humble listen-first approach, discussing and clarifying your business needs and then working side-by-side with you to design AI systems that create real ROI.

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How We Deliver Value for your Brand

Solution Development

From open source tools, to SaaS model building platforms, high-performing models require some business-specific development and tuning. We work hand-in-hand with your team to develop solutions that not only get the best results, but that easily integrate into your existing systems and workflows.

Embedded Expertise

Many companies have projects designed or underway and simply need more resources to help them execute. Our world-class data scientists can be embedded in your organization, working side-by-side as part of your project team.  You get the expertise you need, when you need it.

Launchpad Technologies

Our work with cutting edge approaches and advanced clientele often inspire us to develop widely applicable solutions in key areas of market demand. In areas such as price optimization, AI-improved omni-channel communications and conversational AI, we offer an increasing array of SaaS capabilities that can provide critical results for your organization today!

Enterprise Training and Upskill Programs

If your company is looking for help with data science resources, you may already have the people and talent you need, you just need an upskill program to find them and transform them into skilled practitioners.  Derived from our global program, Launchpad offers a range of training from self-guided programs to full-time immersion.  We help you find diamonds in the rough capable of data science work and mentor them to success.

Visionary Customers

" did more than what we have experienced with firms like McKinsey, they actually do the work. Anyone serious about their AI strategy will go with Launchpad and skip the management consultants."

Katia Walsh
Chief Global Data and AI Officer at Vodafone

"From my time as a mentor to working with today, I have always been impressed by the practical and approachable solutions the team comes up with. moves AI away from an esoteric field inaccessible to many, and democratizes it for brands."

Mauricio Bustos
Data Architect, Rosenberg Equities at AXA Investment Managers

"Levi's is one of America's oldest start-ups and innovation is a key ingredient to our brand. worked with us to unlock new revenue potential while improving our marketing execution with workable and scalable AI tools."

Natalie MacLennan VP, Global Retail, eCommerce & Licensing, Dockers

"Whether your aim is to find insights from your data or discover new breakthroughs for old problems, you have to look at all the different artificial intelligence modalities at your disposal and define a strategy for utilizing them. does just that, bringing the best of breed in AI to brands and businesses searching for real transformation."

Mohan MahadevanSenior Vice President, Appliance Data Science at Onfido

The Next Big Idea is In Your Data

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