LS&Co. Machine Learning Bootcamp
Fall Cohort

The Machine Learning Bootcamp is a custom-designed, hands-on, intensive and immersive training program in coding, machine learning, and agile ways of working, using LS&Co. data and solving LS&Co. problems.

Program highlights:

8-week full-time program.

Selected candidates will step out of their job completely for the duration of the program.

Three Virtual classrooms - Two in North America and one combined for Europe and Asia.

The deadline for registration and application is June 7, or until we reach the cap of 75 new applicants, whichever comes first.

Application Process

Registration & Application
Create an account using the sign up page. Fill the application form after logging into your account.
Challenges to solve
Submit challenges by the June 14 deadline.
Selected candidates will be invited for an interview.
Wait for communication on your results and next steps
Successful candidates will be notified via email with next steps.

Once you have submitted the online application, Launchpad.AI will respond letting you know whether you are within the 75 employee application cap. If you are, you will be invited to work on two challenges, which you can start right away. If you are not, you will be notified accordingly.

Please read through the FAQ list posted on Threads for further clarification.