Transform your existing workforce into valuable data scientists

The first industry-focused program designed to give your team new skills in data-science and artificial intelligence through in-person or asynchronous learning.

AI talent demand is outpacing supply by 60%

Create the Team for Your Future's Upskill program trains your people to become data scientists with a strong understanding of how to manipulate data and who are ready to contribute to company projects and use-cases.

AI Training for All Skill Levels

High code

Experienced Teams

  • Custom NLP or CV challenge:sentiment analysis, image classification, etc.
  • Requires basic programming experience when paired with tutorials
  • Tests multiple aspects of the data science skill set and workflow
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Low code


  • Excel Time-series challenge:seasonality analysis, forecasting, etc.
  • Requires basic spreadsheet knowledge and some quantitative skills
  • Tests basic algorithmic knowledge, communication skills, and quantitative skills
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No Code


  • Platform challenge: useno-code labeling and MLplatforms, like, to label data and trainamodel
  • Requires basic computer skills when paired with tutorials
  • Tests reasoning skills and basic ML concepts
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The Next Big Idea is In Your Data

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