Transform Your Existing Workforce into Valuable Data Scientists

We're seeing the employment equivalent of a run on the banks, and it's because everyone is chasing the same talent at the same time.
Closing the data science gap will require new strategies for upskilling and reskilling the incumbent workforce.
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About Upskill

Modeled on our best-in-class Fellowship.AI program, Upskill is designed to train participants in enterprise-level data science and the successful application of AI techniques and technologies through solving real-world business problems.

We provide a hands-on environment in the development of advanced AI outcomes and in the practical methodologies of transforming research into valuable solutions, preparing your team for commercial roles in data science.

How it Works

Upskill is a two-month, full-time program designed to discover current employees who are capable of doing data science work but are currently performing other tasks at the company.

We curate a team of internal applicants and, using company data and use-cases, provide an intensive learning environment that allows participants to master AI techniques while understanding their applicability to company data and delivering substantive long-term value to the business.

Who Can Participate?

Upskill is designed for a broad range of participants including engineers, business and financial analysts, excel experts, SAS and SPSS modelers, physical scientists, network specialists and anyone who has experience with coding or coding-like work.

We use a variety of evaluation techniques to pick capable participants and the program can be tuned from novice to advanced instruction

What Participants Learn

Participants will learn foundational data science tools, libraries and coding techniques including; Tensorflow, Pandas, Keras, XGBoost, Jupyter Notebooks, Python, Scikit learn, Hyperopt and more.

In addition, they will learn applied AI techniques and technologies such as; data cleansing and pre-processing, linear and statistical regression, feature engineering, random forests, K-Means clustering data science workflows, iterative modeling, and neural networks

Investing in Your Team

Upskill allows you to simultaneously grow your data science capacity while also strengthening employee loyalty and engagement. Our program is an investment in employee skills and career advancement and results in the improved satisfaction and longevity of your employees.

Instead of competing with the largest companies in the world for external data science talent, you can invest in your existing resources and achieve faster, more profound results with the employees you already have.