We Create Transformative Solutions that Deliver Valuable Business Results

Our teams are comprised of world-class practitioners delivering state-of-the-art solutions that often set the industry standard for accuracy. We understand enterprise work environments, high-scale systems and tools, and excel at translating outcomes to business sponsors.

We have experience working on a broad range of use-cases applying our AI expertise to create valuable business outcomes. We work across the spectrum of AI technologies and our projects may include preparation, development and/or deployment.

What we do for Clients

Custom Projects

Despite the rapidly growing market for AI technologies, most valuable solutions require custom model training and bespoke solutions custom tailored to maximize results.

We work hand-in-hand with your team to develop solutions that not only get the best results, but that easily integrate into your existing systems.

AI SaaS Solutions

Our work with cutting edge technologies and advanced clientele often inspire us to develop widely applicable solutions in key areas of market demand.

We offer an increasing library of Saas capabilities that can provide critical results for your organization today!

Staff Augmentation and Hiring

Whether you need temporary help or are looking for temp-to-perm resources, we can help. Our teams effectively become yours for the duration of a project and our agreements can be structured with built-in placement opportunities for conversion to full-time.

Want to skip directly to hiring? We can help with that too!

Sample Projects and Services

Below are key examples but for from an exhaustive list of our project experience.

Marketing and Offers

We help organizations get the most out of their customer interactions. Using your data, we deliver offer and content recommendations that maximize customer value and engagement with your products.

Churn Prediction

Customer acquisition is difficult and costly so losing a customer is even more expensive. We help organizations understand the data elements that predict churn in your customer base and create models to not only predict churn, but prevent it.

Document Analysis

Despite the digitalization of data, many transactions still take place on paper. Identifying digitized documents, extracting key information and providing content analysis are critical to many businesses. Using advanced AI techniques, we help organizations find the information they need and reduce the need for human review.

Claims Analysis

For organizations submitting claims to insurers, having the correct content is the only way to get properly compensated. We help submitters analyze claims forms prior to submission to Medicare/Medicaid and recommend changes to ensure optimal reimbursement for the provider.

Inventory Optimization

For wholesalers, knowing the best products and the best mix to provide to retail customers is critical to achieving the best possible revenue. We developed models to predict the best assortment for wholesale purchasers of clothing products (men's and women's) in specific regions.

Retail Image Analysis

For many online merchants, accurately identifying customer-submitted photos is essential to transactions. We help organizations match user generated content with catalog imagery to easily get consumers to the content they are looking for.

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